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sábado, 28 de dezembro de 2013

I don´t write a lot were but it's almost New Year. What is New Year? It's just more one holiday, more one year past. Why everyone celebrate this? I don´t understand this world. Well I , from the bottom of my heart, wish to all world a Happy New Year.


I'm gonna write a story, please comment if you liked :D

terça-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2013

Hi there. I'm sick of the invitations for games on facebook. Please, I just wanna the facebook to talk with my friends for free and without getting out of my house.I don't play games in facebook because I use that precious time to draw and/or listening music. That invitations are very annoing so stop, ok? Do you can understand that information or your little brain can´t catch' it ?

Thank you for your time wasted reading this. :D

domingo, 8 de dezembro de 2013

Now, I'm gonna talk about the app
The is just more one boring thing where we burn our precious time.
The exist to make questions in anon to other people just for fun or for revenge.
I don´t like because some of my "haters" have and if they have problems with me, talk in front of me not in my profile of!

Thanks for reading my posts...

sábado, 30 de novembro de 2013

Well, my friend ask me some fandoms, and i think they´re all here:

Bandas e Cantores Internacionais 
One Direction – Directioners or BoyDirectioners 
Nicki Minaj - Barbz
Big Time Rush – Rushers
Justin Bieber – Beliebers or Boyliebers
Lady Gaga – Little Monsters
Katy Perry – Katycats
Taylor Swift – Swifties
Jonas Brothers – Jonastics
Selena Gomez – Selenators/Dreamers
Demi Lovato – Lovatics
Nick Jonas – Stayers
Jessie J – Heartbeats
Bruno Mars – Hooligans
Rihanna – Navy
Avril Lavigne – Little Black Stars

Britney Spears – BritFans
Beyoncé – BeyFans
The Pretty Reckless – Zombies
Hilary Duff – Duffniacs
The Wanted – TWFanmily
McFly – Galaxy Defenders
Paramore – Parawhores/Paralovers
Tokio Hotel – Aliens
30 Seconds To Mars – Echelon
Panic! At The Disco – Sinners
Simple Plan – Astronauts
Adam Lambert – Glamberts
Belinda – Belifans
Black Eyes Peas – Peabodies
Christina Aguilera – Fighters
Linkin’ Park – Smart Soldiers

Atores e atrizes Daniel Radcliffe – Radcakes
Emma Watson – WatsonLovers
Rupert Grint – Rupertes
Tom Felton – Feltoniacs

Kristen Stewart – Krisbians
Robert Pattinson – Robsessed
Taylor Lautner – Lautneters
Ian Somerhalder – Somerholics
Nina Dobrev – Dobrevics
Paul Wesley – P-dubbers
Logan Lerman – Lermaniacs

Zac Efron – Zattackers
Vanessa Hudgens – Nessasaurs
Ashley Tisdale – Tizzies
Jennette McCurdy – McCurdians
Miley Cyrus – Smilers
Ariana Grande – Arianators
Miranda Cosgrove – Cosgrovers
Ashley Greene – Ashers/Ashbians
Victoria Justice – Victorians

Nathan Kress – Kressers
Misha Collins (Supernatural) – Minions
Luke Benward – Benwardians

Dulce María – Dulcetes
Anahí – Anymaníacos
Maite Perroni – Perronitas

Chritian Chávez – Pollitas
Alfonso Herrera – Ponchitas
Christopher Uckermann – Chingones

Filmes e séries
Harry Potter – Potterheads/Potterianos
Saga Crepúsculo – Twi-hards/Twilighters
Glee – Gleeks
The Vampire Diaries – VampireManiacs
Supernatural – Hunters/Saltgunners
Pretty Little Liars – Liars
High School Musical – Wildcats
Fallen – Fallenáticos
Percy Jackson – Halfgods
iCarly – iCarlycos
Para Dante – Dantetes

quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2013

Like I said in the begining I'm directioner so I'm gonna talk who are my favouries:

My favourites are:
- Louis Tomlinson
- Zayn Malik
- Niall Horan

segunda-feira, 18 de novembro de 2013

Hi, again... I'm gonna talk about London.
London is awesome. So we have:
-Buckingam Palace
-London Eye
-Big Ben
-One Direction
- other boring stuff...

London it's a gorgeus city so I hope you like it!

domingo, 17 de novembro de 2013

Well, my name is Maria Completo, I´m 13 years and i'm gonna share my crazy stuff with you...
I'm portuguese and directioner.

P.S. : Please give me some ideas to post ok?